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Talent Strategy: Plan For The Future of Work

Workforce and Careers

Talent Strategy: Plan for the Future of Work

What’s your talent management strategy?

Elevate your workforce with succession planning and leadership development.

Strategic Workforce Planning Benefits

Imagine you are a city planner. Where do highways need to connect neighborhoods? Where should concrete = be dressed with greenery? Where might the bus and subway stops sit?

In much the same way, a strategic workforce plan must anticipate and address talent needs for years to come.

As a talent leader, you shape a thriving and productive landscape across offices, regions and even continents. Conduct a leadership talent assessment to pinpoint a strategy for success. Mercer’s Human Capital Scan can help.

62% of organizations rate themselves as ineffective at workforce planning.

Savvy Planning Backed by Workforce Analytics

Do you really understand your people—who they are, how they’re performing and where you’re losing them? You need the best plan for your workforce that combines human capital data, exclusive research and expert consulting.

Using workforce analysis will ensure that every dollar counts and every desk (virtual or otherwise) is occupied by someone contributing to your success.

With Mercer’s talent strategy road map, you can update your business strategy, identify gaps within your talent management systems and define actionable talent initiatives.

Assess your internal labor pool with Mercer’s workforce planning tool or proprietary Internal Labor Market Analysis platform. With these workforce analytics, you can determine which talent investments are paying off and where you should be focusing for the future.

Build Up Employees with Career Management and Leadership Development

We’re entering a new era of performance management. Instead of looking back at what employees have done, inspire them with exciting career prospects.

Build an employee value proposition . You can architect compelling paths for your people with Mercer’s Career Frameworks solution, along with our other offerings. Mercer’s research  shows that employees are more engaged when they can see a path for growth. In some markets, people value succession planning more than their salary..

Our approach to performance and career management takes the long view on careers. And given today’s globally connected world, it is not just executives who need a global mindset—employees at all levels must develop the unique skillset necessary for global leadership success. Make sure that the city streets of your organization don’t crumble, with help from Mercer’s talent strategies.

"With the right tools, identifying potential can be a science. Mercer partnered with us to identify and develop leaders with a growth mindset." Raelee Hobson, Organisational Development, Oil Search Limited.

Workforce and Careers Services and Products

Career Frameworks

Build workforce capabilities through proactive and deliberate career management strategies and programs.
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Employee Engagement

Mercer-Sirota has services and technology that span all aspects of the employee experience, including employee engagement, team effectiveness, leadership and culture.
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Leadership Strategy

Maximize your leadership potential with actionable strategies for identifying, developing and managing leaders.
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Collect feedback on your performance from multiple perspectives, including your manager, direct reports and peers.
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Mercer Learning

Accelerate the development of your core and technical competencies with our comprehensive training.
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Organization Design

Tackle your company structure, governance and HR processes for more agile and profitable performance.
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Performance Management

Create performance management solutions that work for you.
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Talent Assessment and Development

Develop the leadership capability to raise your performance bar, manage pipeline risk and positively impact retention.
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Workforce Strategy & Analytics

Determine the quantity and quality of workforce required in each critical job families. Formulate workforce strategies to address any gaps and risks. Use data analytics to resolve complex talent issues.
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