Mercer | Mobility Benefits

Mercer | Mobility Benefits

Mobility policy, the basis...

A clear mobility policy forms the basis for any employment contract between you and your cross border assignees.  

International assignments differ in length and business goals. Roughly we distinguish between:

  • permanent/‘one-way’ transfers;
  • short term assignments;
  • long-term assignments (often including family members).

A detailed mobility policy differentiates between various types of assignment. It helps avoid lapses. Also, it allows you to act quickly and consistently.


Frequent issues

Employers and employees are always confronted with questions about compensation for cost of living, quality of living, double (housing) expenses, complementary (often more costly) insurance and extra administrative and tax-burdens.

Employment and (insurable) benefits

The (legal) ties between employer and employee remain in force during an international posting. The assignment contract includes, besides agreements on compensation and benefits, provisional measures for tax-equalization and continuation of social security benefits, or alternative benefits that provide protection for the employee regarding income, (medical) care and wellness.

Policy development and support

With a large team of experienced specialists, Mercer is an authoritative advisor in benefits and employment conditions for both local and mobile employees. Our specialists facilitate employers in more than 150 countries. Mercer can draw upon its own data resources, conducts leading worldwide surveys, and uses advanced, proprietary tooling that enables us to: 

  • Design and deliver effective and competitive benefit programs; 
  • Optimize compensation and benefit expenses;
  • Develop and support delivery of mobility policies;
  • Evaluate worldwide employment benefits;
  • Benchmark local market data.
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