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International Social Security

Crossing borders, and then…

Your employee’s social security protection may change when he or she is assigned to work outside his home country. It is up to the employer to test whether or not these provisions fit the level and quality of benefits stipulated in the employment contract.  

In scope are provisions that cover risk of illness, death and disability and others that refer to other entitlements, such as unemployment benefit and pension rights.

Coordination of social security

Which social security system applies? The ground rule is that one needs to distinguish between treaty- and non-treaty countries. Treaties are either bilateral agreements between states, or European agreements. The EU-rules for the coordination of social security systems aim to undo the negative effects mobility may have on social security for the mobile EU-citizen. These rules are complex.

Benefit plans around the word

For multinational employers, Mercer conducts regular surveys that give detailed information about benefit plans around the world. Our country profiles can help you design and allign the benefit programs for your mobile employees.

Mercer’s advice

Mercer’s specialists know about the ins and outs of international social security. They are tuned to advise you and liaise with your tax advisor. They know how to design and implement benefit programs that bridge the gap between social security entitlements and employee benefits based on employment contracts.

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