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The new normal in global mobility




  • Diversification of assignment types and policy segmentation
  • Cost control and tracking mobility ROI
  • Improving employee experience and engagement
  • Compliance and duty of care
  • Shift from expatriate management to managing an internationally distributed workforce 

Partnerships that can grow with your needs

Whether you run a large or small international program, we have the expertise and tools to help you make the right moves and take better care of your mobile employees. 

Meet our mobility practice leaders

Julia Radchenko


Julia Radchenko

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Yvonne Traber

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Latin America

Amalia Suaste

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Vladimir Vrzhovski

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Vince Cordova

Karla Costa


Karla Costa


Adequate care


Insuring adequate healthcare is an essential part of the protection of mobile employees, whether they are on short- or long term cross border assignments. It includes both day to day care and emergency medical assistance.

International social security constitutes a basic provision. But what does this exactly entail? Which national regime applies? Home-country or host-country? What is the level and quality of the insured’s entitlements? Is all care fully covered? How can private insurance be used to create top-up or full coverage?

Mercer’s specialists can help you out. They will help set the minimum standard from the perspective of the employer’s duty of care towards his employees. Additionally they can assist in designing and implementing an attractive benefit package that has added value in your competition for talent.


Does your insurer meet all compliance regulations? If not, this may endanger work-permits in many countries, e.g. Dubai, UAE, Australia and certain states in the US.

Care outside the home-country

How to find the right hospital, the right physicians? Can they be trusted, do they have proper experience? This is not always clear at first sight. Therefore it is essential to ensure access to pre-selected hospitals, specialists and other care providers. It should be part of an assignment preparation and drive insurance solutions.

Handling of claims

Direct billing cuts administration. Financial warranties and even substantial pre-payments may be conditional for hospital admittance. Procedures and processes need to be in place before a medical crisis arises.

If there is a crisis...

Who needs to call whom? Who will inform the employer, who will contact the employee’s family? Internal protocols and process control is as much part of the employer’s obligations as it is of the alarm center. What happens if someone is kidnapped, or is victim of a natural disaster or a (terrorist) assault? Have you arranged for a single point of contact, or will you work with multiple support lines? Clarity is called for.

There are many emergency assistance providers. You can select one that is integrated in the insurer’s operation or choose a separate, independent alarm center. The provider of choice is the one that suits the particular needs of your international workforce. He needs to be equipped to deliver services in all parts of the world where your organization has or may have presence. Provider selection has financial consequences, both directly and indirectly. Your choice will influence the cost and consumption of medical care.

To work with Mercer

To work with Mercer is to partner with experienced professionals who can put your carefully designed health benefits policy to practice through:

  • Design of adequate cover;
  • Insurer selection;
  • compliance checks
  • Assistance provider selection;
  • Price negotiation;
  • Implementation of services;
  • Process and quality control;
  • Claims mediation.


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Workforce and Careers Solutions

Duplication of insurance?

Duplication of insurance can be prevented (in whole or in part) by taking recourse on social security. Process the claim quickly and then take recourse. This brings comfort to the insured and avoids unnecessary expenses. Specialized insurance providers are generally suited to deliver these services, but some are better at it than others. Their effectiveness is not always visible from the outside. Mercer will help you to make informed decisions.

Assignment preparation and prevention

It is of prime concern to eradicate mobility barriers for assignees and their family members. Are there medical circumstances that could, without proper countermeasures, constitute risk for the employee? Should he take specific precautions, before, during or after the assignment? Information and support will enhance the chances of a successful posting, reduce the risk of extra costs and help the employer avoid or mitigate the risk of employer’s liabilities.