Global employee benefits to help you compete locally


Global organisations are a vast mosaic of local divisions, each with its own unique benefits needs. To deliver high-quality, sustainable employee benefits, multinational employers must deliver on a strategy that provides economy, efficiency, and consistency across the globe, but also takes into account local customs, nuances and regulations. 


Mercer Marsh Benefits can help you deliver a people-first benefits strategy on a global or regional scale.


We offer global benefits control for employers while delivering solutions based on local country needs. Our local and global experts partner with clients in more than 150 countries to provide market-leading Global Benefits Management services including global strategy development, governance, financing, benchmarking and coordination, as well as local-country brokerage and plan management.


Our services are underpinned by leading-edge technology and tools, including the award-winning global employee benefits software, Darwin™, which allow you to track performance, automate administration and truly engage employees, driving your strategy through data-led insights.



Matt Duffy

Martin Nuninga

Global Benefits Principal

Martin has over 15 years of experience in consulting with multinationals on managing their global employee benefits in a compliant, consistent, competitive and cost effective manner.

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