MMB Darwin is an online platform for managing benefits and increasing employee engagement. MMB Darwin provides your employees with a clear overview and gives them the freedom to choose the flexible employee benefits that suit them. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to manage risk, control costs and streamline the administration of benefits - all from one single online platform, accessible from any device, anywhere in the world!


Show what you offer your employees

MMB Darwin is a single online platform where you show all your employment conditions. Your employees have 24/7 access to their personal benefits from any device, anywhere in the world! And it gives you flexibility, cost and risk management concerning your labour conditions.


Creating an energizing employee experience

Nowadays, the employee's experience is almost as important as employment conditions. MMB Darwin offers technology, interaction, choice and communication tailored to the personal needs of your employees. Support and facilitate them at the important moments in their private and professional life.


Intuitive and inspiring

MMB Darwin is easy to use and has a fresh and attractive look. With intuitive online communication you give your employees complete insight into the (financial) value of their remuneration package in a simple and attractive way. Offer personalized information - all in one place - that is quickly and easily accessible from any device.

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Efficiency and control

MMB Darwin gives you full control over your employment conditions by streamlining your administration and automating your communications. This allows you and your team to focus on the content, which in turn improves communication.

Powerful reporting options

Do you want insight into what you spend on employment conditions and the choices your employees make?

The reporting options allow you to build simple dashboards that contain all important management information. You get a detailed and complete insight into the costs and you know which benefits your employees appreciate the most.

Choose your own plan

  • Reward engager: Show all the fixed benefits you offer, such as salary, holiday pay, 13th month, bonus, mobility budget, pension, WIA insurance, etc.
  • Spending account: Also show all your flexible benefits. Your employees can choose how they spend their budget made available by you on training courses, a company bicycle, an increased lease budget, health support, etc.
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MMB Darwin is not just any ordinary online platform

Together we look at the design of your schemes and in cooperation with insurers and other providers we create a unique experience of your employment conditions. This is made possible by the most extensive benchmark data on the diverse employment conditions in various markets and sectors. 


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