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Toekomstbestendige workforce

Workforce of the future: quotes from our experts

New capabilities and skillsets are required in a tight labour market, with a multi-generational workforce expecting different benefits. Millennials, many of who hold new expectations and aspirations regarding work, career, and life, are soon to become the dominant workforce segment, while economic pressures have forced many people to extend their working lives beyond traditional retirement ages. 

Organizations have the responsibility to react to this increase in complexity and start (re)defining their workforce for the future. New technologies, data-analytics and HR tools can help with defining (future) skill-gaps and with creating a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP), integrating the health, career planning and pension planning of individual employees in order to attract, retain, engage and build their workforce. 

Mercer has been leading the way in investing in exciting, cutting edge technologies to help our clients deliver on this challenging future. Recently we organized a summit. Please take a look at the video quotes below on what our panel discussion members had to say about the challenges surrounding the workforce of the future.