It could well be that your pension plan has been amended several times in recent years in line with changed laws and regulations. In the same period, pension pricing has changed significantly. And especially in these unprecedented times, the performance of providers and the quality of their investments are constantly changing. 


With all these developments, are you sure your pension plan is still up to date?  In addition, the pension system in the Netherlands will change radically in the next years, which is expected to have an effect on all pension plans. Do you know what possible impact this so called ‘Pension Agreement’ might have on your pension plan?


Our pension experts perform a quick scan and within 2 days you will know:

How your pension provider scores with regard to contract terms and administrative performance.

How your pension plan relates to the market in which you operate.

What the performance is of the investment funds and life cycles of your provider.

What the latest trends are as well as the recent developments on the pension front.

Whether your pension plan and insurance contract comply with recent laws and regulations.

What the possible impact is of the forthcoming pension reform (Pension Agreement) on your pension plan.

We will provide you with a report with conclusions and recommendations. Our pension expert will come to you to discuss the report.

If you have any questions or would like more information

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