Mercer at Davos 2019

Mercer at Davos 2019

Mercer at Davos 2019 Mercer at Davos 2019

Workforce Transformation

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When Women Thrive

As Mercer celebrates the fifth anniversary of When Women Thrive at Davos, we broaden our conversation beyond gender...

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The Change Challenge

We are uncovering the financial disruption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the workforce of the future...

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Live from Davos

2019 World Economic Forum—Daily Mercer Dispatch Thursday, 24 January 2019

On Thursday January 24, Mercer presented a panel discussion on Thriving Workforce, Gender Parity.

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2019 World Economic Forum—Daily Mercer Dispatch Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Organizations are realizing that they must think expansively about Industry 4.0 and how we can build and lead a workforce that will work differently, longer and with complex needs.

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2019 World Economic Forum—Daily Mercer Dispatch Tuesday, 22 January

An inspiring Tuesday began with a Mercer breakfast celebrating the fifth anniversary of our thought-provoking When Women Thrive research.

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2019 World Economic Forum—Daily Mercer Dispatch Monday, 21 January

On Monday, our Mercer and MMC teams arrived at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting to connect with clients and government and business leaders.

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Building Community in a Digital World

How do business leaders, industry experts, and passionate thought leaders all participate...

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As the World Economic Forum focuses on Globalization 4.0, Mercer is exploring the implications that rapid change and instability will have on the workforce for the future. 


Watch the session videos from Mercer’s When Women Thrive and Change Challenge breakfasts to hear first-hand the insights and themes that emerged from the conversations.

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Celebrating Five Years of When Women Thrive:
Empowering People, Companies and Societies to Thrive


January 22, 2019


Mercer celebrated a significant milestone in empowering individuals, companies and societies to thrive as we hosted our fifth annual When Women Thrive breakfast event at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2019.


An audience of C-suite executives, government representatives, academics and leaders from NGOs gathered together on January 22 in Davos where Mercer’s newly-named CEO Martine Ferland and When Women Thrive Global Leader Pat Milligan were joined by MMC President and CEO Dan Glaser and María Fernanda Suárez, Minister of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Colombia, to talk about gender equality, leadership accountability and the much-debated subject of quotas.


Our esteemed panel, moderated by Robert F. Smith, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Vista Equity Partners, featured Karen Quintos, EVP and Chief Customer Officer at Dell, Jennifer Saenz, SVP and CMO, Frito-Lay NA, and Carolyn Tastad, Group President — North America, P&G. Together, they demonstrated courageous leadership as they shared their own stories and talked about the impact of technology on the workforce, the need for caregiving support for women in the workforce and the importance of advocacy.






The Change Challenge: Fast 4.0-ward to a Secure Future


January 23, 2019


Mercer uncovered the financial disruption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the workforce of the future—where living and working longer collides with greater workplace flexibility and uncertainty - at our Change Challenge breakfast event at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos on January 23.


Economists call it a mystery — a puzzle for our time. Why do wages in most developed countries remain stagnant while companies report record profits, unemployment levels drop and global growth continues? Does it contradict the expectation that by 2030, middle-class spending will increase by US$29 trillion to US$64 trillion annually? And can today’s workforce count on financial security for tomorrow?


In this session, leaders assessed the changes in how we live and work. From job-changing robotics and AI to a growing reliance on contract workers, all while we’re living and working longer, we face a new economic reality of innovation and business strategy — what the World Economic Forum calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In Davos, we explored how this 4.0 revolution in how we work, save and spend is at odds with our traditional income, savings and retirement systems.


Join us with Salary Finance as we meet the disruptors and innovators who are facing the change challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution head on!





Exclusive Content

Mercer | EDGE

Mercer's Pat Milligan and EDGE's Aniela Unguresan discuss why gender equality is good for business and how the Mercer I EDGE partnership will help companies accelerate the pace of change.

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D&I Technology: The Rise of a Transformative Market

Which solutions are being adopted? Which have proven results? And how will the market shape up over the next 18 months?

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Here are 3 alternative visions for the future of work

In early 2019 leaders of business and government will meet to address the challenges presented by technology and changing workforce dynamics and what this industry - Industry 4.0 - means for the future of work.

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The Future of Work – Whose Job is it anyway?

The future of work is coming whether we’re ready for it or not. 5 ways to make sure you make the most of it with Mercer’s Christina Dove.

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Investing in the World we want: The Power of responsible Investment

As individuals become responsible for their own financial security, they gain the power to influence more than their retirement.

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Finding financial security: A 3 pillar approach

One of the primary factors shaping the future of financial security is the aging of populations in developed countries, where the majority of formal savings programs exist.

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Three leadership traits critical to the future of work

In a globalized world, the future of work belongs to leaders who understand that opportunities will come from economies on the rise and leaders who understand the influence EQ, technology and a global mindset will have on their ability to succeed.

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Mercer Global Talent Trends

As organizations and HR seek to unlock growth in the Human Age, we explore the top talent trends that organizations need to accelerate their transformation as they prepare for the Future of Work.

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If Data is the New Oil, a ‘Learning Mindset’ is the New Rocket Fuel

AI and automation only pose a threat to jobs in the future of work if we let them.

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Digital Transformation Goes Human

AI and automation only pose a threat to jobs in the future of work if we let them.

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