As recently as a few months ago, nobody could have predicted the extent to which the world of work and the workplace would change. Even though flexible working has been a hot topic for years, the COVID-19 outbreak may have pushed organizations rapidly to embrace remote working.

The challenge that this presents, led Mercer Netherlands to investigate how organizations are reinventing and redesinging their HR policies in this matter. The results will give you insights to shape an approach that suits the current challenges, and fits into your longer term ambitions in regards to compensation & benefits, wellbeing and performace.

One thing is certain, we are rapidly moving away from the traditional work enviroment structure and social norms.



Organizations have shown great flexibility and resilience in these uncertain times. Over 110 organizations shared their insights. More than half of these respondents had to take measures to ensure business continuity.


Remote working is considered to be success by 96% of the respondents. Besides that almost all organizations expect their future workforce to ask more extensively for remote working. And almost 30% have abandoned the idea that all employees must have a desk availability at all times.


Adapting, redesigning and re inventing new policies must be based on a thorough investigation, in which data and knowledge is vital to be able to substantiate your decisions and to make sure you are in line with market practice. They survey results will provide you insights to shape your future of work.

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