Over the past couple of years, in a fast pace, the working environment has changed significantly. Globalisation, the pandemic, war for talent and other major events have ignited the need for employers and employees to adapt today’s working environment.


Remote work is a trending topic: the report shares valuable insight into the various ways of working, the arrangements and how it shapes the future. The results can help shape next steps when forming longer term plans and policies. 



The survey was formed to further delve into the subject of today, remote work. With the recent changes these past years in mind:  how have employers and employees adapted, i.e. how have working arrangements shifted to remote work? The report takes you along for the ride and has established that half of organisations are facilitating remote work and 67% plans to introduce remote work.


Aside from practical matters around arranging remote work such as reimbursements and technology, results note that flexibility is a crucial element to facilitating this new way of working. Nearly three quarters of organisations allow employees to establish their own schedules within consent of their company or manager.


With that, the question arose how it would affect productivity. And with less clear borders, is health and wellbeing much more impacted and are there any other challenges? 

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