The new situation

Whether your employee is just starting his career, or already close to his pension, everyone will contribute the same percentage. And the total deposited amount will be used to purchase the pension. Compared to the old situation, this means that younger people will get a slightly higher pension later and older people will have a slightly lower pension.

During the workshop, we will look at your current pension plan and the (original) reasoning behind it. We will discuss the properties that a new plan should feature. We will also discuss the risks, and how they can be shared within the plan. 


At the end of the workshop you will understand:

• The main points of the pension agreement;
• The implications for your current pension plan;
• The possible solutions and which pension contracts will (still) be available;
• An indication of the financial consequences (costs and benefits) of eliminating the average premium based on calculations for the average person (generic);
• Possible forms of compensation (pension, salary, vitality, EPP);
• Which follow-up steps can possibly be taken and which process to follow.

It is crucial for employers to review their current pension plan. We offer our assistance with the first steps to make your plan completely future-proof. Just fill in the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Workshop Duration: 2 hours Inhouse
Cost: €2,500 excluding VAT.


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