The pension plan is one of the most expensive employment conditions that you offer your employees. Therefore, it is understandable that you want to understand and be in control of your pension plan and its implementation. Mercer DC Plan Management is the solution you are looking for.
Mercer DC Plan Management is an online platform that provides supervision and overview at all times: you have full control over your DC plans in all relevant areas.



Insight when you need it

Review information at any given time about:


Your workforce

Understanding the composition and development of your workforce and the personal choices that employees make are essential to monitoring pension costs. Through a data-based impact analysis, DC Plan Management helps you understand your workforce and its needs.


Your Pension Plan

Mercer DC Plan Management helps you understand the main features of your plan and gives you access to the pension plan as established by the provider. In addition, the tool provides a communication process that helps you successfully reorganize your pension plan.


Your implementation agreement

Mercer DC Plan Management demonstrates both the main features of this Agreement as the full implementation agreement. At the end of your contract period, DC Plan Management will automatically select a provider based on market research, long/short listings and a report comparing different performers.


The outcome of the audit of claims and premiums

You can use Pension Online to consult the results of the annual audits of the available premium, risk premiums and costs at the beginning of the financial year at any time. Additionally, we also check whether the participant administration of your pension contractor matches your employee administration.


Your investment performance

How do the investments of your pension implementer, which affect your pension plan, perform?

DC Plan Management monitors the performance and output of your pension implementer. In addition, your pension plan will be benchmarked. Different lifecycles are studied. That way you are always informed about the performance of the investments so you can reduce operational risks.



We will keep you informed about the latest developments and trends in the pension field. That way you can make important and informed decisions about your pension plan in a timely manner. You are also able to inform your employees about the arrangement, in order to increase their awareness and appreciation of pensions.


Personal Support

Having an online platform that helps you understand your pensions is not sufficient in providing a sustainable and fitting pension plan. By participating in your pension committee, you will benefit from personal support from our pension experts so that you are able to provide your employees with the best possible pension plan. Additionally, we offer innovative forms of communication about your pensions to increase awareness among your employees about your pension regime as a valuable working condition.


A subscription for you that always offers personal support

In order to support you with the tasks that best suit you, we offer four different subscriptions: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. That means we can offer you the desired insights and support at no extra cost.

Subscriptions overview

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