In the Netherlands approximately 98% of the companies do offer a pension plan to its employees. A pension plan will be seen as one of the most important benefits a company can offer because it will provide an income after retirement and / or death. Some industries are even legally obliged to join a specific pension fund. 


Important for employers:

-The Dutch Act on Financial Supervision and the guidelines of the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) require frequent examination to conclude whether companies are obliged to join any Industrial Wide Pension Fund (IWPF) and/or follow any Collective Labour Agreement (CLA). Obligation to an IWPF or CLA with retroactive effect could have a major impact on a company;


- Offering a market practice pension plan will help you finding suitable staff members;


- A pension plan can replace your life insurance. In most pension plans a partner pension is included (lifelong annuity);


- Upcoming legislative changes (2022) will have a large impact on plan designs. Informing your employees already will be appreciated. Solutions are available already;

Important for employees is:

- Accruing an old age pension;


- Death benefits for partner and children;


- Guarantee that pension accrual will continue in case of disability (≥35%);


- Possibility to make Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC);


- Option to choose for a Voluntary ANW-gap insurance;


- A pension provider with as low as possible investment management fees;


- All documents available in English;


- User-friendly employee portal.

What can Mercer offer:

- Find the best performing provider in the market;


- Support with day to day business;


- Attractive pricing for small- and medium-sized companies / start-ups;


- All communication in English. 


Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) has taken these principles as the basis for a new and unique solution for small- and medium-sized companies.


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