In the maze of laws and regulations within social security, it’s not always clear what employer-related benefits you can apply for, such as subsidies, wage expense allowances and discounts. In addition, wage taxes and wage costs can often be reduced by finding errors in the administration and wrongly attributed benefits by the UWV, for which you are charged.


Mercer and HCS help you keep a grip on your wage costs with the Wage Cost Scan. This way you ensure ongoing monitoring of wage taxes and premiums entered in the payroll administration and of the decisions and payments made by the UWV. You can relax knowing you are taking full advantage of all employer-related subsidies, tax rebates and incentive schemes.


The Wage Expense Scan consists of the following services:


1.  Wage expense allowance

Loonkostenvoordeel (LKV - wage expense allowance) is a new regulation that took effect on January 1, 2018. It replaces the premium discount and is part of the Wet tegemoetkomingen loondomein (Wtl - Wage Domain Allowance Act). LKV is an annual allowance for employers who hire one or more employees from target groups that often have difficulty finding work. These consist mainly of:

  • older workers on benefits/welfare;
  • workers on disability benefits;
  • workers with disabilities.
  • There is also an LKV for employers who redeploy employees to a new or modified position if these employees have become disabled.

(Source UWV)


Online tool identifies Wage Cost Benefits and No-Risk Policy

Together Mercer and HCS help you to quickly and comprehensively identify Wage Cost Benefits without a pile of paperwork.


New employees receive an invitation to an online questionnaire and there is a legal obligation to provide honest information (after two months). The questionnaire consists of short, clear questions with a simple outline, so they can be understood by all employees. Once filled out, you can see at a single glance to which schemes, benefits and subsidies from social and tax legislation you are entitled to.


2.  No-risk policy administration

If you employ people with an occupational disability, you can use the no-risk policy if they are ill. This compensates for their continued payment of wages in case of absence.

Research by the UWV shows that employers often make poor use of the no-risk policy. That's a shame, because this means many benefits remain unused by employers and they run unnecessary risk in the event of employee disability. 


Mercer and HCS give you an overview of all employees who are subject to a no-risk policy. In addition, we check whether you actually receive all the funds you are entitled to from the UWV.


3.  Whk-beschikking Check (Differentiated Work Resumption Fund) 

At the end of November 2020, the Dutch Tax Authorities sent you the Whk-beschikking - Differentiated Work Resumption Fund. This states which premium percentage applies to you in 2021 for the Ziektewet (Sickness Benefits Act) and the WGA (Return to Work Scheme for the Partially Disabled). There is a real chance that errors have been made in the calculation by the Tax Authorities, which means you'd be paying too much premium in 2021. Therefore, it's prudent to have your Whk-beschikking checked by a specialist!


Save costs now for 2021

Checking your Whk-beschikking can be complicated and time consuming. Mercer, along with HCS, will help you review your Whk-beschikking. Your Whk-premium is checked on the basis of ‘no cure no pay’. It’s done in no time at all, gives you the guarantee that you will pay the correct premium in 2021 and you only pay for the check if we achieve concrete results.


Click here for more information about the Whk-beschikking and public insurance in 2021.


DO NOTE: You can also purchase this service separately, without using the Wage Cost Scan.


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