Onderzoek: impact van het pensioenakkoord op werkgevers

Mercer | Hoe goed zijn Nederlandse werkgevers voorbereid op het Pensioenakkoord?

International Benefits Desk / The impact of the pension agreement on employers

How do 200 employers assess the pension agreement?
Calendar31 oktober 2019

How well are Dutch employers prepared for the new pension agreement?

Research on the impact of the pension agreement on employers in the Netherlands. 

The life span of the average human is constantly increasing, which leads to longer pension payout periods. Combined with the low interest rates, this leads to rising pension costs in the Netherlands. After years of discussion about how the pension system can be made future-proof, a Pension Agreement has been drafted by the government in collaboration with employee and employer associations. This agreement has major financial implications for both employees and employers and may cost them billions.

To gain insight into the changes and consequences for employers, Mercer asked 200 employers to speak about how they assess the consequences of the Pension Agreement. The following issues were addressed:


• To what extent are employers aware of the changes to the Pension Agreement? Where are they getting information on the subject? 

• What do they think about an equal pension contribution for both younger and older employees? Will new employees be included in the new plan? Will older employees be compensated? 

• How will the new terms of employment be conveyed and is resistance expected when announcing the changes? Does continued employment after retirement pose a problem in the organization? 

• What aspects of choosing a new pension plan do employers emphasize?


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