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Group accident insurance

The workplace seems to be safe for your employees. Though you cannot always prevent an accident from happening.

In order to provide the right help and financial security for both your organization and your employees in unforeseen circumstances, it is important to protect yourself when accidents happen. With our collective accident insurance we provide a comprehensive coverage for accidents during work and personal time.

The advantages are:

  • All employees are automatically insured
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Supplementary groups are automatically co-insured
  • Simple administration
  • The premium is fixed during the contract period of two years
  • No annual post-calculations

This insurance distinguishes itself on a number of essential points: 

  • Extremely competitive premium
  • High insured limits
  • Standard comprehensive coverage for molestation
  • Compensation for replacement and/or re-skilling of employees
  • Adjustments to workplace, home and car in case of permanent of more than 25% disability
  • Costs for childcare for remaining children 

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