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Group Health Insurance 2.0

Unique offer for organizations with fewer than 250 employees. High discounts and quick access to the right care.


Reducing chances of absenteeism with a group health insurance


An inexpensive and good collective healthcare insurance scheme is not only an attractive employee benefit, it helps to proactively work towards healthy and happy employees.


Important for employees is:

  • Quick and easy access to healthcare of good quality. 
  • Knowing when to go to a doctor and when they can solve the issue themselves.
  • Knowing to which hospital or what therapist they can go best.
  • Work on health and prevention.


Giving employees access to an insurance covering these points, is also in your best interest as an employer, because this reduces the chance of absenteeism.


Mercer Marsh Benefits (MMB) has taken these principles as the basis for a new and unique solution for small- and medium-sized companies. We work together with health insurance company CZ as a contractor.


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