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Health Online supports the business in keeping your employees healthy


We can’t ignore digital tooling in our lives, we use it where and whenever it suits us. By offering digital tooling to your employees you help them to take more control of their health and achieve happiness at work


CZ Health Coach and Online Intervention Guide

You will receive the services of the CZ  health coach for the deployment and arranging of interventions and waiting list mediation. Organizations with more than 20 employees also receive access to the Online Intervention Guide. This allows you to gain insight into the different intervention options in a quick and efficient way.


Care paths
To simplify the selection process of the use of interventions, CZ has developed the most common occupational risks for care pathways. With a care path you gain insight into the different phases that an employee goes through in a particular risk. The phases run from having no complaints, being unaware of the risks, to developing complaints, absenteeism and return to work. Recognizing the different phases is important for you as an employer and for your employees. CZ supports you digitally by offering the right interventions at every stage. There are care paths for the occupational risks of stress, physical strain, hearing and informal care.


Vitality Portal
Your employees will have access to the Vitality Portal, where they can start manage their health. Whether they want to stop smoking, lose weight or find a better balance between working and personal life. Because it is nog easy to start and maybe more difficult to carry on, CZ has coaches to help. There are also online training and tests available for the employees to help them.  The Vitality Portal stimulates self-management of employees.


One of the health programs on the Vitality Portal is the Resilience Program. This program protects employees against work stress. It measures their physical and mental condition. And gives ideas and exercises on how to become more resilient to work stress. That way employees are more confident during changes and stressful situations, both at work and in their personal life. This benefits the department and ultimately the entire organization.


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