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A comprehensive group business travel insurance is indispensable. With this you do not only fulfill your duty of care and cover the organization against possible risks. You also reduce risks by preparing yourself and your employees well prior to a trip and staying informed during the journey.


With our group travel insurance you get access to an Online Deployment Guide and your employees can use the Travel Smart App.


The online Employment Guide helps employers with:

• Adequate fulfillment of employer obligations.
• Limiting the employee risks during business trips abroad.
• 24/7 focus on location: the geo-location function determines employees location during the business trip.
• Informing the right employees at the right time, regardless of their location with instant messaging.


With the Travel Smart App employees get:
• Specific pre-travel advice including information on local culture and customs, language, vaccinations, visas, adapters, transport, currency, public holidays and the usual do's and don'ts.
• An emergency aid button that brings employees directly into contact with local medical and security services.
• Real time and specific location information and safety warnings via app, sms and e-mail regarding diseases, crime, agitation, terrorist attacks and natural disasters.
• An overview of general medical conditions, details of possible symptoms, recommended medication, possible side effects and treatments.
• Up-to-date contact details and opening hours of the embassy and consulate.


Comprehensive Coverage


In addition to this innovative Deployment Guide and Travel Smart App application, our business travel insurance offers extensive assistance in case of illness or an accident abroad. This includes:

• Standard coverage on cancellation.
• Coverage of personal and/or business belongings based on the new purchase value
• No exclusion in case of war, terrorism or civil agitation.
• Deployment of a crisis advisor in case of kidnapping.
• Political evacuation and protection in case of a crisis.
• Maximum travel time of 365 days.

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