Webinar Financial Security for your Workforce

Webinar Financial Security for your Workforce Mercer 2018

Webinar - Is It Time to Retire Retirement? 19 april

19 april 2018  Netherlands, Amstelveen

    • Financial security for your workforce, more than just a pension plan.

      Although the Dutch pensioen system is the second best system in the world, many Dutch people are afraid that they will not save enough for retirement.

      • 21% expect to have enough saved by the time they reach retirement.
      • 48% don’t ever expect to retire or expect to keep working after retirement.
      • More than 50% have not invested in a  personal retirement plan. 
      • More than 80% trust their current employer for sound financial advice

      Is it time to retire retirement? Join the discussion!

      • Health is seen as the factor with the most influence on financial security. What role can you, as an employer, play?
      • How important is financial security for the HR strategy?
      • How can financial security for the future be used as an important employee benefit?
      • What roles do research and individualization play?
      • What opportunities do technology and digitization offer in improving financial security?

      Join our interactive webinar on Thursday 19 April. We’ll discuss the current view on pensions and what will change in the future. Which role the pension scheme can play within the Employee Value Proposition and how pension can be used for the development and sustainable employability of your employees.

      For more information about the topic please download the report: 'Healthy, Wealthy and Work-Wise'