The Opportunities Of The Dutch Pension Reform

05 september - 05 september 2019


  • About the Event

    The Dutch Pension System is ranked in the Mercer Melbourne Global Pension Index as the best in the world. However, reform is needed to keep up with the future of work, the financial markets and implement an sustainable pension system.

    After almost a decade of negotiation between the Dutch government, the Trade Unions and Employer Associations, a historic agreement has finally been reached.

    Tune in to our Webinar on Thursday, September 5th from 5 to 6 pm CEST to learn more about the agreement, but more importantly about opportunities, the agreement presents to improve your overall Employee Value Proposition (EVP), of which pension is an important component.

    The topics to be discussed include:

    • The introduction of the flat premium rate.
    • What should you and your employees expect the pension renewal
    • How can you compensate your employees and is compensation (legally) necessary?
    • What do your employees expect from you when it comes to retirement?
    • How can you ensure that your employees reach the retirement age in a healthy and motivated manner? And how can you leverage your pension scheme for this?
    • What approval is required from your Works Council and employees?
    • How do you transform your pension from a ‘need to have’ to a ‘nice to have’ in the overall  employment benefits package?

    Please join our interactive webinar on Thursday September 5th and take this opportunity to ask your questions about this complex and important issue in the Netherlands, so you are able to move from an old to a new, future-proof and valuable pension plan!

TITLE: The opportunities of the Dutch Pension Reform