Respond - Return - Reinvent

During the recent COVID-19 update press conference held by Dutch Prime Minister Rutte and RIVM boss Van Dissel it became clear that we will continue to work remotely until May 20th. In these extraordinary times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to rethink not just where we work, but how we work. Currently, most of us are working from home, however we will (hopefully) be able to return to the office in the not so distant future (whilst maintaining a 1,5 meter distance from one another). When we go back to this ‘new normal’, the impact on our economy and our society will be evident for some time to come. These are uncertain times that require careful navigation and thoughtful approaches to the wellbeing, health and financial security of employees.


From reaction to action!

While we are still in the middle of this crisis, it remains a challenge to understand how best to navigate an uncertain future. What is certain is that we must prepare for the next phase, return to work, the 1,5 meter economy and the return or reinvention of your business strategy. What steps are you going to take to make sure employees remain healthy, productive and work safely from home, but also when they return to the workplace? And, if you succeed in the first 2 phases, how do you ensure that you can face the future in a resilient and positive way and remain focused on a rebound to growth?

Based on our international experience, from countries such as China and Italy as well as our Global Talent Trends 2020 research, we would like to share with you our insights, recommendations and next steps for you to take to navigate your company in this uncertain future.


Please join our HR webinar COVID-19: Respond - Return – Reinvent and meet our experts who will take you through these three phases on how to:

1. ensures the health and wellbeing of your employees

2. organize the work in a different way

3. provide financial security


Thriving employees are twice as likely to work for organisations that balances economics with empathy in their decisionmaking.

This will be of great importance as companies begin to navigate their way out of this crisis. 



English session, Wednesday 6th may

Dutch session, Thursday 7th may


8.00 a.m.


This webinar is free of charge

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